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What's So Important About a Company Retreat?

Are you a boss or CEO considering a company retreat? Not convinced it’s really worth the investment? Worried it will simply distract you from important to-do’s? Think again. Here are some reasons why a retreat is more than worth your valuable time and money:

Getting Away Affects Your Perspective Profoundly

It allows you to “start to understand perspectives that maybe you hadn't considered before," CEO and founder of Tutor.com George Cigale said to Inc here, "Slowing down time allows you to think a little bit differently about the way you communicate and depend on each other." You, your executives, and/or your whole team will benefit enormously from a different physical space in which to regroup and find new ways to think about pressing problems and/or big-picture strategy. Getting away from the office erases the tunnel vision that comes with office busy-work and the relentlessly rote daily routine that is the absolute death of creativity.

Nature Jumpstarts Your Thinking

David Strayer, a cognitive psychologist at the University of Utah found that a group of backpackers performed 50 percent better on creative problem-solving tools after three days in the wilderness. Nature has also been found to lower stress and boost creativity, so it’s a perfect recipe for breakthroughs. A retreat with plenty of time outdoors is a powerful way to wipe the slate of your mind clean.

Building/Bonding with your Team is of Fundamental Importance to Your Business

Get to know the people in the trenches with you day in, day out. You may think you know them already, what with the employee lunches and the office Christmas parties, but you’ve only scratched the surface. Who are they, where are they coming from, and how do you all work best together? Ryan Walter’s tailored team performance programs allow you to learn your team’s strengths and weaknesses and construct a collective vision for success.

Why should you consider choosing Breakaway for your next company retreat?

A. It’s a beautiful spot overlooking the Cufra Inlet. Basically, an instant relaxer and gorgeous work vacation for your crew.

B. An expert coach and facilitator who has worked with dozens of companies, of all sizes and situations, Ryan Walter is a pro who can customize your experience. He will work with you to determine what level of facilitation your retreat needs.

And C. It will be transformative. This is a place where you can think and work strategically, bond with your teammates, and take advantage of lauded workshops and exercises to light your business on fire!

Contact ryan@ryanwalter.com for more information.

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